More Than A Job…
Join a Meaningful Mission to Change the World.

At Mindful Health we are looking for individuals who want to help others, and are on their own personal path to growth.

Our Hiring Process

Our selection process is careful and deliberate. Individuals are carefully evaluated not only for their background and skillset but also personality, demeanor, emotional intelligence, passions and drive. Our interview process is methodical and specifically crafted depending on the position and department. We want to ensure that you meet with most of your future fellow co-workers. We are collaborative and favor group style interviews and sample projects. We want to get to know you and see how you would fare in the Mindful Health environment.

To learn more about open positions worldwide please see below.

How will you contribute?

We look forward to learning more about you!

Our Culture

Community, diversity and inclusiveness. We believe in investing and recognizing the hard work of our internal community. Individuals at Mindful Health are recognized for their contribution to the team, the culture and the mission. It is our hope that every member of our team thrives and finds personal and professional fulfillment in their role.

We would not have achieved the success we have without the dedication of each individual, all around the world. We seek open-minded, innovative bright people that want to make a difference in the lives of others and are passionate about walking a healthy and conscientious path.

Our Why

What is your why?

The purpose and reasons behind what you do every day?

We are seeking individuals that are on a path of constant growth and exploration, of themselves and of the world.

Individuals who want to make a difference and feel called to help change the lives of others.

It has been an absolute pleasure to be a part of the Mindful Health journey! In just over a year, I have worn many hats. Beginning with being a customer support representative and providing technical support wherever required. Followed by joining the social team and learning everything from scratch to becoming the manager of our social media team today. I love that dedication is acknowledged at Mindful Health and I cannot imagine myself anywhere else!

Roshni Roy, Social Media Manager, India

I've been a part of the Mindful Health family for two years now, and I can't imagine working anywhere else. Every day I get to do what I love, surrounded by talented people that I admire, serving a powerful mission that makes a huge impact on the lives of humans and our planet. I have experienced more career growth during my tenure here than in any other period of my career and I feel valued, heard, and empowered to do my part. I also feel fortunate to have found a work-home that implements work-life balance initiatives, so I can still make my family and my hobbies a priority while having a career that I’m passionate about.

Brandy Burke, Director of Programs, Content & Creative, United States

I asked the universe for a company that values their employees' health and wellness as much as their talents, and the universe showed me Mindful Health! Now here I am, in a dream role with a dream company, surrounded by leaders and team members who live and breathe our mission of bringing ultimate health and self-love to the masses. It's incredibly gratifying and fulfilling, and I've grown as a person as much as I've grown as a professional. I'm so grateful to Craig and Danette for leading this movement and for caring about the team like we’re family. There's absolutely no place I'd rather work!

Libby Kontranowski, Program Manager, United States

Working for Mindful Health is a DREAM job! Not only do we have some ahMAYzing bosses who co-created this incredible business, but we have some of THE best people around the world to work along side on various teams. It is one of the most positive and happy environments within a business I've ever experienced from the way Craig and Danette treat their employees to how it reflects in the way the employees treat the members/customers. The overall mission of this company is beyond beYOUtiful and I am so honored and blessed to be a part of it.

Chelsea May, Community Moderator, United States

Working for Mindful Health has been an absolute dream come true. Everyone is encouraged to contribute ideas and solutions, not just the top level executives. Not only are these suggestions welcomed, but are oftentimes implemented. Craig and Danette truly trust their employees to let their "zone of genius" really shine through. Working here, as the senior graphic designer, has not only advanced my skill set professionally, but it has shown me that wonderful jobs still exist in the world, you just have to be open to finding them.

Becca Little, Senior Graphic Designer, United States

Investment in Our Team

Benefits & Wellness
We believe in not only investing in your professional future but also your well-being. Mindful Health offers a wide range of health insurance options, many that are either free or of low cost to you. All Danette May programs and challenges are available for you and your family so that you can participate and experience the transformational power and success of our offerings. We also offer emotional, legal and financial counseling for all team members through our renowned payroll and benefits partner.

We want to see you invest in your future and have partnered with TransAmerica to provide competitive 401(k) plan options for you to choose from. You also have access to financial advice and counseling so that you can properly plan for your retirement.

Paid Vacation
Work/life balance is super important and valuable. We offer paid leave so that you can take time off to relax and recharge, take a vacation or do anything that fulfills your passions.

Growth & Learning
With growth being one of our core values, we feel it is important to invest in the development of our team. We encourage our employees to participate in programs and courses that promote their personal and professional development. Our employees have unlimited free access to all Danette May fitness, nutritional, and mindset programs. We also provide annual reimbursement for training and professional development classes to further one’s career and knowledge.

Fun Perks
Numerous discounts on Apple products, cell phone plans, travel, and entertainment, just to name a few. These are available to all team members from day one of employment.