• Empowering People to Rise Into Radical Self-Love.

Empowering People to Rise Into Radical Self-Love.

About Us

Passionate and mission driven, Mindful Health is a group of highly talented people who use their knowledge and skills to further the initiatives of the following three brands:

Our Companies embody three pillars of ultimate health and wellness: Healing Foods, Healing Movement and a Healing Mindset. Mother Earth is our CEO. Every decision we make is with her in mind. As we take care of our planet, she takes care of us by offering the highest quality superfoods so we can optimize our health and energy.

We believe that when you feel good, you do good. You are made for more.


Inc. magazine revealed that Mindful Health is No.48 on its 37th annual Inc. 5000, the most prestigious ranking of the nation's fastest-growing private companies. The list represents a unique look at the most successful companies within the American economy's most dynamic segment — its independent small businesses.

Mindful Health No.48 in the Fortune 5000
Mindful Health's Mission

Our Mission

We believe that living in the fullest expression of yourself is the best way to impact the planet and the world, and every decision we make for each of our companies keeps this value in mind.

From the CEO

years ago, Danette and I started this company with nothing but a dream," says Mindful Health CEO Craig Collins.

"We have been through countless setbacks, challenges, and sleepless nights, but we've never given up.

Over the years, we have been able to attract an incredible team of superstars to help carry the company's mission into the world. Thank you all, and thanks to all our loyal customers for believing in our purpose."

From the CEO

Core Values & The Healthy System

The foundation of all our actions, decisions and communications with ourselves and our community…

Core Value: Honesty

Honesty & Integrity

Striving to do the right thing in any given situation, even when it's not in your own best interest. We believe honesty and integrity form the foundation of human connection. Without honesty and integrity, we have nothing!

Core Value: Honesty


Being able to fully "own" your life and your decisions is crucial to feeling free. Taking full ownership and responsibility for every area of your life isn't easy, but it's one of the fastest paths to personal growth.

Core Value: Honesty


Supporting and helping one another in achieving personal and professional goals.

Core Value: Honesty

Constant Growth

Waking up each day just a little better than the day before. This means making changes to each area of your life on a frequent basis, and constantly challenging yourself. It also means understanding that you WILL make mistakes along your journey, and that's perfectly OK!

Core Value: Honesty


If you want to grow, you need to become empowered. This means owning the goals and aspirations you hold in your heart.

From the CEO

We believe in nurturing a healthy system; in the ways you approach your personal and professional interactions… We see a healthy system as one that:

Is Aware of the body & the system itself

Our Mission is to transform as many lives as possible with our products & services.​ We focus on the human, the experience and measuring the growth of our tribe.

Acts & Communicates with Honesty and Integrity

We communicate clearly and fully, we ask questions, we connect with each other to bridge gaps/move in the direction of solutions and we seek to develop not just "band aids" but long-term solutions which allow us to grow.

If we need a hand, need a decision or are blocked, we speak up and get attention with a sense of urgency and responsibility.

We show up, we follow up, we confirm, we do what we say we'll do.

Leads with Accountability and Ownership

We lead with personal accountability/ownership and we treat this business of transformation like it's our own…because it IS!

Supports & Succeeds As A Team

Health is not achieved in a vacuum; we interconnect, we move as one, we understand that what impacts part of the body has repercussions for the whole.

We are in the business of transformations therefore this business must be our focus.

Is Ever-Evolving With A Growth Mindset

We set clear and challenging goals and we move forward with vision, clarity and executional excellence to achieve them.

Perfection is not the goal; growth with expected and manageable challenges (which we've anticipated as best we can and have identified the roadmap to conquer) is.

If we step in a direction that turns out not to be a healthy one, we take a moment to take inventory/breathe then take a step in another direction…but we do keep stepping. Growth is hard. Remaining still is hard. Choose your hard!

Is Empowered To Lead, Verify, Speak Truth & Be Its Best

We don't wait, we go toward growth with open minds, intellectually curious brains and true hearts; we speak the truth and we have permission to do so.

We are the map-makers of our future and in that knowledge we feel empowered.