Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team is comprised of talented individuals operating in their zone of genius. Each brings a unique set of skills and balance to the team dynamics, decision-making and strategy for Mindful Health. Our team is extremely invested in the Mission and passionate about our products, programs and ultimately making a big impact on the world.

Role Company vision, strategy and business development

Big Dreams I get so much from nature so I want to give back to the source of my bliss. My dream is to plant one million trees.

Superpower Generate big ideas and having incredible discipline and work ethic to follow through and bring ideas to life.

Passion Nature. I LOVE everything that gets me outdoors in nature. On most powder days you'll find me snowboarding at Vail or Breckenridge. And on beautiful summer days if I'm not hiking I'll be mountain biking on the trails behind our house.

Favorite Product or Program My favorite Earth Echo product is Golden Superfood Bliss. I always have a cup of GSB after dinner for a sweet treat and to help wind down and relax before bedtime.

Role Oversee all marketing strategy, and lead and empower the marketing team to expand awareness around all Mindful Health brands, therefore helping to transform 40 million women and men into better versions of themselves - mind, body and soul.

Big Dreams I want to have a family and a house on the beach and a camp on the lake. I also want to travel to all 7 continents and meet Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

Superpower Communication; I can often find the common ground or action point when friends/colleagues aren't quite on the same page. I am a great teacher because I can see and explain in multiple ways. I have a ride or die mentality.

Passion Music - My friends and colleagues are often impressed, and sometimes slightly annoyed by the fact I enjoy a variety of genres, know the words to many songs and feel strongly compelled to sing them.

Favorite Product or Program I did the 3 Day Detox back in 2018 and it kick-started some health goals for me and introduced me to Danette, her mission and life views…3 years later I'm a proud member of the team and forever grateful for that warm April day. The detox is easy to stay on track with for 3 days and it also easy to double and do for 6 days…and the recipes don't require you to buy a ton of random things at the grocery store.

Role Help shape the future of Mindful Health brands by guiding the product strategy and vision for new products and product categories.

Big Dreams Having a great family and watching my daughter grow. Its funny how dreams change along life's journey.

Superpower Asking questions, drawing conclusions, and implementing strategic decisions. I always ask "what if" questions. It has always been a super power that, combined with flexibility, allows for small continued improvements.

Passion Dirt Biking, Jet Skiing, Hiking, Fishing and travel adventures with family.

Favorite Product or Program I love Cacao Bliss because it fights my cravings for something sweet and it's a great way to take my Turmeric.

Role The "glue" that holds Mindful Health together. I am responsible for execution of all email marketing strategies and campaigns along with project management and communication of all Mindful Health product & program marketing initiatives.

Big Dreams I'd like to continue living on a tiny island but my big dream is to live on a tiny island with a population of 6.

Superpower Creative thinking that shreds the proverbial "box" and uses it for kindling. Thinking up stuff demands innumerable bonfires.

Passion The beach, the river, the woods, the wildlife, the music, the dancing, the laughter.

Favorite Product or Program The info and insights I've gained in Premium Coaching have been such a huge game-changer for me personally. Danette's coaching has helped me navigate some personal challenges with more grace and appreciation than I would have in my "pre-premium coaching" life. I feel it has even influenced the way I've responded to recent global issues and has allowed me to help my family navigate the changes in a more measured and confident way than perhaps my former self would have. This is just one example among many as to how the PC program has not only impacted me but also has created a ripple effect in others, particularly, the people I love most. I can't mention my favs without talking about Cacao Bliss - anyone who knows me will tell you they've tried it, even if they weren't too sure they really wanted to! I mean how can you NOT share a love of healthy chocolate that tastes anything but healthy! Lastly, after I tore my meniscus straight off the bone (thanks a lot, Santa Claus!), I do not dare go a single day without Earth Echo Turmeric + Ginger. If I forget, my knee reminds me. It helps THAT much!